Madremanya, Girona/ Donegal, Ireland


Video-performance con Denys Blacker.

Proceso creativo colectivo sobre migraciones con Marina Barsy, Denys Blacker, Aodan McCardle, Sandra Johnson, Bernadette Hopkins (curadora) e Isa Fontbona.

Video: Mar Ximenis

Presentado en Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny Co.Donegal en otoño de 2021


(Questions) about going to and going away from

The fortune’s roulette turns the wheel and it’s cycles of repetition, range and power. I hear ancestral
voices and dream where the bird will nest best. An inner dissociation when moving: Which parts
leave, which parts do not leave?
Diaspora of the genome, not just my own, perhaps an appropriated, adopted one. How long is the
while I’m neither/nor or still/not yet?
Is the present self a place of permanence, an axis? Do migratory birds flight to or flight from? A
generation later, do you go to or come back to? Progress-process idea. What pulls or pushes the
direction and intention of a step: motivation or fear? Do I move or am I being displaced?
Moving from a safe place like going beyond the known. The horizon, as a nonexisting place, a
visual illusion, a utopian dartboard, moves as we approach. What vision do you need to start