Techniques: construction with cane

Dimensions: aprox 8 x 6 x 50 m

Hilari(um) Land Art Festival, Cardedeu, September 2022,  http://hilarium.cat

ephemeral installation and performance - sound action performed daily during artistic residence

Clouds, hermitages and
lightning rods: light threads, water, spirit that traverses us from the sky to the ground.
Heraclit's "All flows" becoming a vital condition. The conductive thread, connector, physical and intuitive body, is present. Hilari, have we lost the thread?

Or maybe we've climbed too high and lost sight of the land. What a vertigo. However, still acting too unconsciously as a privileged human, I hear the double thread: that of the sword of Damocles over my head and the other, the one that approaches the wall, the boundary. Should we cut the thread?
S.O.S.piro because I feel the cushioning of dry branches and all sort of dry  tissues . I take up the thread that runs through us from the one and is meant to flow, connect.
With, through, down, in, out and back to earth.
Sleep to death.

Do you hear the bell's silence?
The alarm touch, fire touch, lost touch, the nocturne, warning of the wall fence, from where the safety lay in the middle of the night, the touch of agony, the touch of death. Let the echo wake us up. To climb horizons.


Nature and Cultur are included, they don't exist separatedly anymore. We come to our natural environment when it has already been intervened, domesticated. I choose this as a starting point to open a dialogue with colonized nature, which mirrors us. And talks to us in different tones of both what we want and what we don't want to hear. It's where the speech of each re-intervention can make sense.

The material used is km 0, and biodegradable. A reflexion with artists and audience on the responsibility for the impact of each of our actions on the earth.